Friday, February 27, 2009


My friend Jen always puts her random dreams on her blog, so I thought maybe I'd try and do that with mine. Most of my dreams I forget when I wake up, but the ones I do remember... still don't make sense, honestly. Some of my family have deep and poignant dreams, where the dreams will tell them something incredibly important, or their dreams will be this amazingly elaborate story. I'm not so lucky. But every once in a while I'll get lucky and score a decent dream. :-)

This was the last dream I remember.....

I was in some kind of cocktail shack at a beach I had never been to before, waiting for Siope and Baby to finish whatever they were doing and come pick me up. I remember sitting on a stool, looking out at the ocean, and thinking that Siope and Baby should be here in about half and hour to forty-five minutes. I also had an image of Siope and Baby in my mind, and Baby was about 3 or 4, and she was gorgeous. And Siope was her best friend. Tourists were walking by; some were on bikes. But none of them were alone. I turn to the bar to order a drink (seeing if they have lemonade or something), and Kent Salisbury was wiping off tables. (Kent is an old coworker from the Reading/Writing Center on campus; he has a borderline-snobby personality with an extensive vocabulary, but we had tons of fun together. He dated a mother of 2 teenage boys from Mexico; they married quickly and left, and I never saw or heard from him again.) He seemed to be the owner, because he was happy wiping down tables, like the shack was his baby. We got to talking as if we were never away, and he was telling me about the people that pass by and come in to the shack. He also told me how good the waves were. He asked me what I was doing there, and I told him I was waiting for Siope and my daughter. I asked him how his wife and family were doing, and he fell silent. I saw him for about 3 seconds looking at me without speaking, then he disappeared. Literally. He just vanished into thin air, and I was alone in the shack with a lemonade in my hand. I looked back to the beach and thought, "Siope and Baby should be here soon. My poor Kent." Then I woke up.


  1. Awwww... what a sad dream.

    I need to do a post like this one day in my public blog... my dreams are more sci-fi/action than anything though.. so maybe I won't XD

  2. Hmmm weird. I have no idea what this means!!! Maybe it means you are longing for old friendships to be rekindled and that we should talk more??!!!! =) =) =) haha. I was really excited with the interpretation you posted on my blog though! I was like super impressed by the way !!! =) You are a woman of many skills


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