Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Homemade Trash Can

It's kinda funny that of all things I thought to get crafty on, I decided on a trash can.

But I have to tell you: in our little 1/1 apartment, we have exactly ONE trash can.
Yes, in our kitchen.
We've been meaning to buy more, but when we get to WalMart, we just don't feel like spending the money. So the trash that is created in each room goes straight to the kitchen, and the kitchen trash gets taken out every other day. It's a system that works for us.

But as easy as this system is, there's still something about bathroom trash that I feel just needs to stay in the bathroom until it's ready to go to the dumpster. And when browsing Pinterest the other day I saw multiple pins on upcycling cardboard boxes into cute home storage containers. So I saved a Kellog's Frosted Mini Wheats cereal box that we got from Costco just for this purpose.

Now the thing about the boxes on Pinterest that bothered me was that most DIYers covered the boxes in fabric. While the fabric made the boxes super duper cute, I thought fabric covering cardboard was a waste. Cardboard boxes, even sturdy ones, have a shelf life that doesn't last as long as fabric does, and when their time is up, even an impeccable fabric covering won't hide their impending fate. I guess there's no problem if the fabric is recycled or old and unused, or if the box will be used for storing light items that won't be used frequently, but for a trash can -- a trash can doesn't need flowers on it to hold trash.

So, without further ado, I give you...

dun-duhduh DUN!!

Please tell me you're cracking up, too!
Why the heck am I so proud of my trash can??

I covered the box with one paper grocery bag using glue (the cheap elementary school kind), and then I sealed the bottom with green duct tape -- or "100 mph tape," as my miltary genius Jobi specified its name is. I used the tape to seal the bottom because bathroom floors sometimes get wet, due to splashed water or shower moisture or whatever. Our bathroom is no exception, especially with the kind of damage Almonds and Blondie can inflict, so I took precautions.

The bottom of the box, double-layered
The 100mph tape was free (courtesy of the DoD). The paper bag was free (with grocery purchase). The cereal box was free (with cereal purchase). The glue was $1.00 from Wal-Mart, but I probably used about 2 cents worth.  So basically, I have a free trash can! 
It's kinda nice knowing that I got something that didn't cost me anything extra.

The trash can in place
Hmm, I guess I should start getting some trash bags that fit the can, huh?

I also saw somewhere online tutorials for no-sew duct tape/fabric bags. I'm soooo gonna hit that up soon!  I'll keep you posted.


  1. "It's kinda funny that of all things I thought to get crafty on, I decided on a trash can." HAHAHAHA! That's so true. You are so practical but I LOVE it. It's the perfect size and who cares if it's covered in brown paper? Most trash cans are just plain white or black anyway and it's true that fabric is expensive so it's not really worth it to use it on something that'll get thrown away before long. I say good job!

  2. you... i think diy posts are usually cute... these are WAY too funny... i cant stop laughing literally!! cant stop

    1. yes yes yes, i know! my brain is just ridiculoso!!


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