Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pride, in Its Glory

Right after mister went for a run, he decided to watch some TV. MI:3 was on; he was elated. Laundry had to be done -- my turn. Baby wanted someone to play with. Then he changed the channel to play CoD4... and he was hungry for breakfast.

That was just to set the scene for this "Dang Langis!" story.

DASSA: [holding basket of laundry] I'm having a dilemma.
JOBI: [playing CoD4] Mmmm.
DASSA: These clothes need to be hung out on the line, and your breakfast isn't ready yet... Would you be willing to help me get your breakfast ready by putting these clothes on the line for me?
JOBI: (to the TV) Oh, crap. Stupid move.
DASSA: Well then, how about this: I'll hang up the clothes, and you make your own breakfast?
JOBI: Why don't you just put them in the dryer?

DASSA, enraged, ignores his remark and walks out to the line. Clouds roll in. She hangs the clothes on the line.

It rains.

She walks back in the house, ignoring the rain. She then proceeds to make her own breakfast and hopes that her husband will be hungry enough to pine over the scent.

The eggs burn and the rice dries out.

She sulkily eats her crispy breakfast as JOBI's soldier walks into an abandoned classroom with an MK-17.

Is there even such a thing as MK-17? I just made that up.

Anyway, moral of the story: Don't be prideful. It'll backfire.


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