Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pule Kakou

"Almonds, let's say prayer."
"Nooooo. I don want tew day pear."
"Come on, Almonds, let's say prayer."
(Whimpering like a dog)
"Fold your arms. Close your eyes."
(More dog-like whimpering)
"Hurry up! Let's say PRAYER!"
(Slowly folding her arms, still whimpering) "Dear Heny Fadduh... tank dee unh day... unh bessings... pee bess unh sleepy... unh nuh nuh muh buh safe... buh nuh unh nuh bess... unh ee of dee... unh shay dee tings... unh aim... unh Dee Ky... Amen!"

Who told her to pray???

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