Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Letter to My 38-year-old Self

Dear Esther,
I have great things in store for you.
As I’m writing this, you are 154 lbs., a size 16, waddling from a stiff sacral iliac nerve/joint/whatever, and eating lots of sweet junk. You get headaches that involve memory lapses and out-of-focus vision. You are constantly tired and have no energy to give to your kids. Your postpartum hair loss is leaving you completely unconfident. You have 3 kids who stay indoors all day, and they are content to do so. You are forever stressed about your oldest's education, and your parents' house, and getting out of debt, and your siblings' health. And you watched 60-something-year-old Kate Beckinsale do crazy fighting scenes in “Total Recall” and got slapped in the face by the reality of your lame life. This life YOU CREATED FOR YOURSELF!
Well, you’re gonna create a NEW life. And I’m starting you on it RIGHT NOW!!!
You are going to start: 
  • PRAYING everyday, with your family AND by yourself
  • reading SCRIPTURES everyday, if at all with your family 
  • reading more BOOKS to your children
  • EDUCATING them (through creative play and exploration) 
  • going to the TEMPLE at least twice a month

  • drinking 10 cups (80 oz.) of water DAILY
  • cutting back on junk food (SERIOUSLY!!)
  • eating more VEGETABLES
  • RUNNING (or jogging, whatever)
  • dancing for fitness and fun (maybe for performances, maybe not)
  • kickboxing, kettlebell-ing, surfing, getting back into volleyball, whatever you can
  • doing yoga and/or meditation at least once/week
  • writing in your journal again
  • learning a foreign language (either Mongolian with Jobi or ASL with the kids)
  • making an income from home
  • looking into furthering your education more seriously
  • planning better family traditions, routines, date nights, and “me” times
By the time you read this, you are going to: 
  • effectively understand and recall scriptural passages with moderate accuracy 
  • be in the best physical shape of your life 
  • have a healthy, balanced lifestyle 
  • raise children with discipline and a love of learning and Heavenly Father 
  • feel like a bazillion bucks 
  • find your passion

You see this list? DO YOU SEE THIS LIST??? Read it again.
And again.
That’s right … I have high expectations for you, my friend.
You better be ready. Set goals. Make a plan. Act. Pace yourself. Get help. Do whatever you need to get these things done. Because the 28-year-old you — the you that is ME, right now …
… has got. to. go.

See You on the Flipside, 
~ Esther
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  1. Esther, I love this! You are amazing! you and the kids need to come over and play soon!!

    1. Thanks Steph! No, I'm pretty sure you are the amazing one! Yep, let me know when's good for you guys and we'll come by!

  2. Isn't it interesting how family life AGES us? If there was one piece of advice I would've given to myself before getting married, it would be to not give up the things that make me happy, so that my kids can see that I have loves and passions and that I come alive. Sometimes we think "Oh if only this would change, or that would change...I'd be so much happier....or at least be able to breathe a little easier." And that's true, but I like that your list is full of things you can do right now to change how you feel about yourself and your situation. I just signed up for this email list, that sends me an age appropriate activity I can do with Noweo every day. It's at productiveparenting.com. So far the activities have been free and they're really simple. Maybe a good place to start with the girls. Good luck!

    1. Thanks cuz! I'll take a look at it! I know, I really wish I had the understandings I do now back when I was single/newlywed/without a kid/or two. It is true that a lot can change in such a short amount of time, and if you're not careful, things can slip right out from underneath you. Thanks for the constant support; you have been such a blessing to my life! Love you!

    2. I LOVE THIS ESTHER!!!! Omg I need some of the goals that you make. And btw, size 16 AND 154lbs is a product of what you call "A GOOD MOMMY!" One who puts herself last after the family, one who has carried 3 different children individually, and one who pulls her family together and raises children while satisfying your wants last :) I maybe 130 and a few sizes smaller, but all I want is to have a family of my own and to be a mother just like u hott mama!:-/

      on a plus side, i also want to learn a foreign language,and be a beast at Tae kickboxing :)

  3. i.love.this!! you are totally gonna rock this!


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