Friday, September 28, 2012

My Internet Hates Me

If you are seeing this message, it's because I had to send an email to my blog just to get it up. I haven't been able to post a post in a long time because either my laptop can't read my WiFi or my trusty Kindle Fire is not doing its job. (Like its job is doing all the work a full-fledged tablet is supposed to be doing. Jeez, Esther, you bought the thing to READ on, remember?!)

I have not been neglecting this blog, I promise. I'm just having technical difficulties at the moment. It's making me think of switching platforms, which is a shame because I've been with Google Blogger for quite a few years now. But their mobile apps suck (pardon my English), and I need consistency in my platform's blogging capabilities.

Maybe I should just switch my Internet. Maybe THAT'S the problem...
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