Friday, November 16, 2012

Potty-Training Blondie

image via momlot

As I'm writing this, I am hidden in a corner of the house, typing furiously to get as many words down as I can before it's too late. And when I say "it's too late," I mean "Chip wakes up."

I am going to argue that there is NEVER a right time to potty-train your kid. I thought last week was the right time for Blondie -- nothing on our calendar from Thursday to Sunday, showing "signs of readiness," and running low on diapers for her anyway. Now, exactly 8 days later, I am dancing on the line between zombie and maniac. So apologies ahead of time if this post is another one that makes no sense...

A friend sent me the 3-day Potty Training ebook, and I decided to pick a weekend and potty train Blondie once and for all. This is Attempt #3. It took 3 tries with Almonds too, so maybe three times really is a charm. (Of course, the third time Almonds was potty-trained was with a professional...) I thought I picked a good 3-day period of time, one where nothing was going on. Where I could focus all my effort and energy on Blondie and still have enough to spare for everything else. Instead, this is what happened:

Day 1 didn't happen; Blondie and Chip were sick.
Day 2 became the new Day 1, which was fine, except they were still sick.
Day 3/Day 2 I remembered I had to make snacks for Nursery the following day. Which was fine, except Blondie was still getting potty-trained that day and wasn't supposed to go anywhere.
Day 4/3 was the Nursery snack thing, and it was also the day before...
Day 5/4 ALMONDS' 4th BIRTHDAY!!! 
(and party... man, was it a party...)
Day 6/5, etc. -- did I mention that Chip is SICK?!?

There is also another eating shindig and Jobi leaving for 3 days thrown in there, too.

It's honestly a miracle that after 9 days we're still plugging away at this thing. The last 2 times failed because she's very sensitive, and potty training was traumatic for her. I'm not even kidding. The only thing that I liked about the 3-day Potty Training method that this Lora Jensen lady advocates is that accidents are welcome, because they'll get it. So I knew this was the right method for my Blondie. Of course, it also said the trainer needs to be completely focused and keep the kid by your side at ALL times -- not the right method for me. (Beggars can't be choosers, right?) So how I got through the entire week planning 2 parties, caring for 2 sick babies, helping my mister out with his ROTC stuff, AND still potty training is really beyond me.

Actually, it is beyond me. The real reason I am still kicking is because I'm not doing any of this alone. This is a time where the blessings of living with family are truly manifested. I have had nonstop help and support from my sisters along the way, from making decorations to switching off when one child really needed me to cleaning up my messes without complaint. Each day is a struggle, but at least I have sisters who love me enough to not let me struggle on my own.

I also have a pretty awesome husband. But that is for another post.

In the meantime, wish me luck that Blondie will be fully potty trained very soon. And that Chip won't be sick anymore. And that I won't have gone absolutely bonkers. (Name that movie!)


  1. idk that movie, but potty-training is overrated! ugh! i don't know why i want another kid!!!

  2. hahaha oh you're too funny Esther! I've heard so many similar potty-training stories from my own sisters LOL too funny!


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