Sunday, September 8, 2013

39 Weeks

I've never made it to 39 weeks before.
This is a new experience.
It's like this baby is trying to be a rebel.
And maybe her being so old (in womb) is the reason why I am in so much pain.
But she's coming when she wants to come. And I am going to let her.

Ok, not entirely...

I'm getting induced this Thursday.

Being back on North Shore Oahu, I was nervous about getting to the hospital in time, especially since Chip's labor started at 7:30am (very first strong contraction) and ended 2 hours later. Now, the hospital is an hour away, and I did not want to be giving birth on the side of the highway. So I was granted a medically-induced labor. And the timing was perfect for this induction date, so I didn't want to rush it -- just relax and let the labor progress on its own.

But man, it's painful. And tiring.

Otherwise, I'm excited for this week.
(And scared. Even though this is my fourth time.)

I just had to let you know.

P.S. Reason #327 why I hate Facebook: not only are so many of my friends pregnant, but they blow up my page about their pregnancy statuses. "19 weeks! Look at me!" "30 weeks! Almost there!" "Natural birth rocks" "I'm craving this food" "My hubby's the best dad-to-be ever" blah blah blah. Ultrasounds and preggo bumps. I still think what I thunk before (name that movie!): pregnant women look weird! And I love that women still believe in being mothers, but I don't care how special it is for you! I have my own pregnancy to worry about; I don't want to compare it to yours. Or exchange nursery ideas.

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