Saturday, December 5, 2009

November-December Update

Ok, people, I'm having issues again with Blogger's picture and video uploading. I don't think this system likes me very much. So this will be another picture-less blog... which is sad because Aissa took some really cute pictures of us for Christmas.

They don't look Christmas-y, mind you... Nothing's really Christmas-y in Hawaii!

So I'll just let you know what we've been up to...

We spent THANKSGIVING in Nanakuli with Henry's family. Jobi said he went there a lot before his mission and they were pretty much like his second family, so I was fine with us going. Besides, they said we didn't need to cook, and that was music to my pregnant ears. It was TONS of fun, and there was lots of good food and good people around. We ate at lunch, took a nap, went to the beach, played cards, ate dinner, played pool... and all the single people stayed up until Black Friday. Of course I was out all night, but I sent Jobi to go Black Friday shopping with them early in the morning (they got to Target at 4:30 -- a sister had been standing in line waiting for them since 10:30 the night before) to get the experience. He didn't want to buy anything, but he thought it might be fun, too.

He came back with over $200 worth of "presents" for us.

I'm not even gonna tell you what they are -- I'm still in shock over the whole thing. Ask me later, if you really wanna know.

So that was our Thanksgiving. Good times.

The next phases on our list: GRADUATION, MOVE OUT, HOLIDAYS, and MAUI.

  • GRADUATION is coming up in just short of 2 weeks (December 18 -- woot woot!) and Siope and I have lots to do for it.
  • We MOVE OUT of TVA (and consequently Laie) on the 21st, so we have to send things home, sell/give away things we can't keep, ship our car, and pack for the HOLIDAYS.
  • We are spending the HOLIDAYS in Utah! Our very first Utah Christmas! (I'd say our very first "white" Christmas, but Jobi served his mission in Mongolia...) I know it's not home for either of us, but my sister Lans has Christmas all figured out this year, so we are crashing their party. We're sooooooooo excited!!!
  • After New Year's, we'll be joining the rest of our stuff on MAUI, and that's where we'll be for the time being. I don't know how long we'll be there, but I'm pretty sure our second baby will at least be born there.
I'm still really lazy so my main priority of packing and shipping everything has been going 1-speed right now. It hasn't hit me until this morning that we're leaving, because up until last night I wasn't sure that we actually were. It's a long story and I'd rather not explain it, but at least now we know that my mister will graduate (and that I quit PCC at the right time after all), and so we can get going. Jobi's priority is graduation and commission, and that in itself is going to be a job-and-a-half, so I can't expect him to help me. (But I hope he knows that he can't expect me to help him, either.)

I feel like I'm rambling. I'm losing my train of thought... Ok, let me make my last point, and then I'm done.

This year my family's theme for our Christmas Gift Exchange is "A YouTube Christmas." Since we're all over the place now and strapped for money, we figured this will be a way everyone can get a present and get it on time. I haven't made my present yet, but I made Almonds's present for her cousin the other day (Sam and Bree's newborn son, Roger), and I was so excited it was done that I gave it to them already. So I'm gonna share it with you all. And yes, it's on YouTube already.

P.S. Sorry the song's redundant. My family will appreciate it, though.........   right guys??



  1. you should have a baby on every island of hawaii.

  2. hey! bill and i are going to go to maui late march! maybe we'll get a chance to see you!


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