Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pomp and Circumstance, Part II

So yesterday (as many of you know) was the December graduation ceremony for the BYU-Hawaii, and Jobi -- after all the kicks and screams -- finally joined them. Poor guy still has homework left to do, but the ceremony was so amazing that I just congratulate him somehow. So I'm going to devote this post to him... since he doesn't read our blog anyway. hahahaha

I know it's a far shot, but that's Jobi up there, shaking hands with Bro. Christensen. I know in his mind he's thinking, "how the crap am I gonna finish two 10-page papers in 3 days?" But the men on the stand smile for him obliviously.

Then came the part of the ceremony that stood out from the rest: Jobi's commissioning ceremony. For those who don't know, this was basically my mister's personal graduation ceremony from the ROTC program, which upon completion of the ceremony he immediately moves up from a nobody (cadet) to a somebody (2nd lieutenant). It's usually held in a more intimate setting with only family and friends, but since he was the only cadet to graduate this semester (and I'm pretty sure there were some scheduling conflicts as well), the university let his commissioning be part of the commencement program.

And I'm so glad it was!

CPT Saui'a (a BYUH 1997 graduate) swore him into office. All eyes and ears were on these two, taking in each word of the oath, trying to understand what was being said. When the oath was sworn, the entire room stood in applause. A standing ovation! For one man! My husband! I was in awe.

After the oath, his parents went up to the stage to pin his rank onto his jacket's shoulders. He now looks official. Isn't he handsome?

These were some of his buddies that came to support him at the ceremony in their dress greens. From L to R: Jason, Rafaele, and Micah (who took all these pictures. Thanks, Micah. You always got his back.)

And here are Shaka and Jared. Jobi has made some really good friends in the ROTC program here. We will miss them greatly.

I'm still shaken up from the buzz of his graduation, and how awesome he looked in the tacky Army dress blues! I know he's still stressed and he doesn't feel like any of this was for him right now, but I do. I was in the same predicament as him when I graduated (I turned in my senior paper the week after graduation), but he is doing just fine. I'm so proud of him. He's worked so hard, for all of us in this little family, and it's finally coming together. He's the best.

I love you, Sweetie.

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