Monday, December 12, 2011

She Cries for Daddy

It's always such sweet sorrow to hear our Almonds utter the words "I want Daddy."

Almonds was born a daddy's girl, and Jobi took to her like a rare jewel from the sea. He fed her, bathed her, changed her diapers and put her to bed. He sang to her, played with her, taught her everything she knew in her infant days. And she cherished him.

His first Annual Training in her life was when she slowly became mine. The separation she had from her father was hard on her, so she clung to me for reassurance and stability. The next training (LDAC) was longer and harder, and her memory of being his began to fade. I as her mother had no problems letting her be a daddy's girl, and when she would see her father again but come to me, I was sad. A daddy-daughter relationship is a beautiful thing to behold, and Almonds and Jobi were losing it.

Each time he goes, she becomes more and more a mommy's girl, and now with Blondie in tow (who sticks to me like hot glue) I have my hands full. Jobi does his best to be around when he is around, but I can tell his lack of a relationship with his daughters discourages him at times. He has even become slightly content in a way, as this newfound freedom of sorts has suddenly opened up to him. (Lucky punk.) Needless to say he can't wait for this baby boy to come.

Well, we are down to the week of his return from ARC, and tonight was the first time Almonds had finally cried for him. Not like I had been hoping for it or anything, but that flutter in my heart over their daddy-daughter relationship had finally returned. She's old enough now where she knows he's gone and misses him, but now I can feel exactly how much she misses him. I can see that he is still very much a part of her little heart. And that is the sweetest sorrow I know.

I can't wait for Jobi to come home this Friday. I can't wait to be in his arms again. But I especially can't wait for Almonds to have her daddy finally home.

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