Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Picture Fail

Before I named this blog "'Alu 'Auha," I named it "Dang Langis."  And for good reason.  Some things we do in this little family of ours is... well, cheap... for lack of a better word.  And sometimes being cheap backfires on us.

For example: while sorting through my digital files, I saw a picture I didn't expect to see.  But first, a background.  Last year Jobi took me to Iao Valley for Christmas and we took a family picture.  You can read the post by clicking here.  But here is the picture we took Christmas 2010:

Not bad, right?  Especially considering we just had our camera and tripod and took it ourselves.  It's not as professional-looking as this one that we took at Sears just one month earlier:

but the former was $200-something cheaper than the latter.  So I told Jobi we should just take our own family photos from now on.
Oh the cheapness of me and Jobi.

This year my parents in Samoa asked all of their kids to send family/individual photos to them for Christmas, so back to Iao Valley we went.  I charged the camera for four hours before we left, dressed us all, packed the camera and tripod, and went back to the same benches that we sat a year earlier.  I set up the tripod and took this dumb photo:

I was actually surprised that this photo came out, because right after I snapped, something happened...
the camera died.

The four hours I charged it did absolutely nothing.  The LCD screen said "Battery Exhausted" and then went black.  And that was that.

Surrounded by outdoorsy tourists dressed to hike and swim, we looked Sunday best for nothing.


Then I took a whole bunch of pics from my camera phone because I didn't want this trip to be an entire waste.  I tried to make the photos look as nice as possible, but... well... this is what I came up with and you can decide if they're worth sending to my parents or not.

Oh, and since I wasn't in any pictures at Iao (and I still only had a camera phone to work with), I took pics of myself when we got home:

Yeah, I'm not sending these either.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.  We'll get a family picture to you soon, I promise.


  1. I totally understand! Our family photos are usually awkward...very awkward. I posted our most recent ones on our blog. Haha. We had a friend of ours take some pictures. She took a billion, and thankfully out of the billion a couple were less awkward :). You guys look great by the way. And for a pictures taken on your phone, they look great!

  2. I like them!! They all have smiles and eye contact! I'm sure your parents would enjoy them :)

  3. Hahahaha! Hey they didn't come out bad for what you had to work with. Hopefully we'll get some good ones this year.


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