Friday, January 13, 2012

Filing, Filing, Filing

I make a good secretary
or bookkeeper
because I am obsessed with filing and organizing.

Just offices, though.
I'm no good with organizing a bedroom, or a living room, or a kitchen, or a classroom.
I'm not sure why.  It's like I have mad organizational skills, but... not really.
I can't for the life of me tell you the best place to keep keys and shoes and extra rolls of toilet paper,
but I can sit for hours -- or even days -- until all files in a file cabinet are sorted, labeled, and filed away
or all my digital music is not only consolidated, but also properly labeled by title, artist, album, and in the playlist I want it to be in.
I'm the one who files our taxes because I keep all the income and deduction forms and receipts neatly tucked away somewhere, and when the filing is done, I save like 3 copies of our returns.
I would even take the time to make sure all my digital photos are all rotated upright.
How OCD, huh.

Oh, I'm also great with books in a library.  Just ask my high school librarian.

Why am I mentioning this?  Because that's what I'm doing right now... organizing all my files on my computer and external hard drive.

I have a lot of random songs that I got from family, and I don't even like half of them.  And I have lots of good photos that I want to touch up and use for different things, but I have to find them among all the "IMAG000" and "DSCN" and junk pictures that I didn't delete.  Not to mention I have a stack of papers that need to go into our filing cabinet.  So I've been a little on edge all day just thinking about all of these things, and now I've decided to just go for it and get it done tonight.

Ok, I'm reading this post as I'm typing, and now I think I'm nuts.  Don't I have anything substantial to blog about?

Oh yeah... I'm supposed to post my Laie vacation.  Dang, that'll have to wait until my digital filing spree is done.  I wonder if this is the beginning of my nesting stage as a pregnant woman.

Anyway, off to my filing, then I'll come back again soon with something at least slightly more interesting for you.

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  1. Oh man! This reminds me that I should go through my many unnecessary pictures on my computer and delete! Agh! And I think your blogs are interesting and funny :)


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