Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Making This Year Count

Did the new year really come 10 days ago?

This is probably my fifth attempt at posting a new year's post, and I'm hoping it will be my last.  I've been thinking, a lot like you, about new year's resolutions, and I've decided to forget them for the following reasons:

I'm pregnant, and getting more and more pregnant every day
I forget to do things, thanks to the pregnancy
I get lazy -- ok, I am lazy
I'd feel REALLY bad for myself if I didn't complete them
then I'd just wallow in my self-pity and never get anything done

Then I read this article from "Pick the Brain" about making every day a fresh start instead of every year, and it got me thinking.  Why should I only make every year a fresh start?  Why shouldn't I just try for every month, or week, or day?  Looking at every day as eagerly as I do every new year seems much more tangible and positive than the alternative, and maybe -- just maybe -- the disillusionment of New Year's Resolutions won't ever happen, because with only 24 hours the time is too short to mope and give up before the next day comes.

So "hang the code, and hang the [resolutions]! They're more like guidelines, anyway!"
(Name that movie!)

This year is going to be big for us.  This year is going to manifest (at least to me) our capacity for success in this world as a family.  2010 was depressing.  2011 almost seemed like Jobi and I had given up.  But 2012 feels different.  It really does.  We are on our own.  We are struggling financially, and yet we are making it.  Jobi's deployment to Afghanistan is delayed, so we are looking at our future with new eyes.  Our girls are growing, and we need to prepare them for education instead of just caring for their basic needs.  We are going to have 3 kids.  Shoot, we even have a new car!  I want us to make this year really meaningful, for myself, for my marriage, for my family.  I want to be better.  I want to be useful.  And I want to take it one day at a time.

Of course, I do have at least ONE resolution for this year.  According to this "Pick the Brain" article, there is a difference between resolutions and goals.  And I personally do think that resolutions, though ultimately unattainable because of lack of structure and finality, are important to make.  Resolutions are like personal creeds, something to continually strive for, never having an ending because they can keep on going, and the more you fulfill the resolution, the better a person you become.  Resolutions are never-ending progress.  So here is my one resolution this year:

give back.give forward

By the end of last year, I realized that we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of others in our lives whom I can only describe as angels.  Jobi and I don't feel worthy or deserving of such kindness, and yet we've been showered with it time and time again.  So it's only right that I become the giver now, to show my gratitude for those miracles, and to show others around us who are struggling that they are not alone as well.  This year I will give back to those who have given to us, and I will find others in need to give to as well.  That is how God blesses us, when we serve others. And I want to earn my blessings, not feel entitled to them.

Ok, now that I've finally said my peace on resolutions and the new year, I'm going to start on my goals for the day...

... the first being to clean my house.

What are your resolutions or goals for 2012?


  1. His deployment was delayed? For how long?

    Glad you guys are doing so well :)

  2. I love the start everyday thing. Each day can be a new beginning. For me, resolutions are more of lisfetime goals that I remind myself of daily! Good luck and best wishes this new year, new month, new day!


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