Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pictures and Art

I was going to post only about my trip to Makawao last Saturday with my cousin 'Ihilani, but as I was looking through pictures on my phone I noticed I had some others I didn't post but wanted to.  So instead, it'll be a "random" picture post.

By the way, isn't that wall art awesome?!?

The next pic is of 'Ihi in the doorway of some big stick nest hut.  I should've taken a photo of the sign attached to this artwork because now I've completely forgotten what it is called.  But it's still very cool.

 This big hut was at a place called The Hui. It's like a community center for art.  There was some kind of exhibit going on that day, which is one of the reasons why 'Ihi wanted to go up there in the first place.  She is very artistic and appreciates all things creative.  I appreciate art and artistry in all forms, but the visual art gene passed me up.  I mostly spent the afternoon hearing all the artists talk to my cousin, and I piped in every now and then when they remembered I was there. :-)

printing artwork via copper and acid erosion
 You can't tell as much from this photo, but Maui has a lot of nice, open roads to drive on.  Definitely much more serene than on 'Oahu.  Of course, as my cousin pointed out, living on an island with two mountains instead of just one makes for very confused drivers (at least it confuses the two of us.) 

This next pic was from when we went to Pa'ia for Flatbread pizza.  Only one of them is really asleep.

And of course I had to post one more pic of each.  In Blondie's pic, we're standing in the foyer of the movie theater.  Yes, this is the pre-Valentine's-Day-movie outing where she was disturbing the peace and I had to take her outside.  Almonds got a lei from her grandpa and the hibiscus from his front yard and felt like a pretty princess.  I couldn't NOT take a picture of her.

By the way, in my family, the term "pretty princess" is the equivalent of the term "fat cow."  My little sisters came up with it when my mom scolded them for calling each other names.  So everytime Almonds calls herself a pretty princess, I can't help but snicker under my breath.  I wonder what things these two sisters are going to come up with for their mother.

And finally, here is a picture of our street from the stairwell.  I love the look of an empty street right after it rains.

P.S. If you wanna take a look at some of 'Ihilani's art (digital art -- she's very good, and she is just getting started), go to her etsy page here.  You'll like them; I promise.


  1. aaw thanks! I was just about to post about Saturday but now I think I'll just refer everyone to your post instead. *lazy* haha. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new look! I especially love your banner pic. It turned out awesome! Keep it up cuz! Fantastic :)

  2. I love the random pics!! It's good to just get them down and have memories on here!

  3. I love her art! It's really good.


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