Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Surfacing for Valentine's Day

I know I've been absent on my blog for a while, but it's not because I had nothing to blog about.

It's because I had too much to blog about.
Seriously... I've lost count.

But I'm back to write about Valentine's Day.

This Valentine's Day I wanted to make it about my girls.  Since we've been trying to scrimp and save, and since my gestational diabetes is breathing down my neck, I was just going to keep it simple, informative, and at home.

Informative, you say?  What's so informative about Valentine's Day?
Answer there: Practically everything you introduce to a child is informative.  And since Almonds is 3 years old and still not in preschool, I figured it's up to me to educate her on the world around us.

I have been more excited thinking about celebrating today with the girls than with Jobi.  Not that Jobi is a horrible valentine or anything, but everything is more exciting through the eyes of a child.  Not much is exciting through the eyes of Jobi. :-P

We spent the morning cutting up hearts and sticking them on the walls.  Almonds already had her V-Day card for her dad ready, and Blondie and I just pulled an online Mickey Mouse one off Disney Junior . com to print and give him.  I made him Valentine's Day coupons with deals that were specifically geared toward him (the usual "free date night of your choice" is soooo not Jobi's style):

One Day of Uninterrupted Gaming
One Fried Chicken Dinner
One Hour of Gaming WITH Spouse

... things like those.

Don't ask me why Jobi is getting all the attention this Valentine's Day.  Lucky dog.  At least he took us to the movies yesterday and breakfast this morning.  (So much for scrimping and saving, eh?)  We saw "The Vow" starring Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum.  (*sigh* Channing.  The hot white man that can dance.)  I had to leave the theater after a while, though, because Blondie wouldn't stop talking.  I don't know what the heck she was saying or who she was talking to, but she made some girls in front of us move farther away so they could watch the movie in peace.  And because Jobi worked puehu shift last night, he fell asleep during our Valentine's breakfast outing -- and stayed asleep in the car while I took the girls to the park.  Dang family of mine. 

Nonetheless, we are spending time with each other and showing each other how much we care.  Today has become more of a family day than a "lover day" -- but I am more than happy about that.  And here's why: Family Time is easy to come by in our home... Quality Family Time, however, is another story.  With today's ever-accelerating technology at the fingertips of every family member, it's becoming more and more difficult to even remember how to function as a family unit, let alone find the activities and routines that fall under that category.  We are no exception to this new wave of family; Jobi lives for his PS3 and computer games, I camp on my smartphone, and our girls live off of their TV shows and my Kindle Fire books.  So to take a holiday like this and turn it into a Family Day has done more for us than just checked off another holiday to celebrate -- it's made us a family again.  A family that plays together.  That makes messes together.  That eats and sleeps and works together.  I thought our family was doing fine before -- now we are even better.  And it's all thanks to Valentine's Day.

Go figure.

So I hope everyone else had a great Valentine's Day.  If you're not with your loved one (or any loved one), make your kids your valentines.  Or make yourself your valentine.  One of my fave V-Days in my single, sexy, and free days was when I gave myself a makeover (well, a new haircut and painted nails), rented a movie ("The Princess Bride" -- classic) and ate homemade brownie sundaes.  Mmmmmm, brownies.


  1. i <3 this! yay for a family day! i was all about leavin' the kids home ha ha! but, i made jimmy a present, i didn't wrap it.. just wrote on it. anyway... those single days were awesome ha ha!

  2. I love whole family valentines! Never have to be lonely! :) and those brownie sundaes sound yum!!

  3. Haha, I can't remember the last Valentine's day (or anniversary, etc..) that wasn't a family day for us. Kind of hard to come by a person willing to watch 3 kids :) Oh well, I too actually really enjoy spending it with the kids as well.


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