Saturday, February 4, 2012

The One Day That Made the Others Go Away

I haven't posted lately because not much has happened, except things that I wanna just vent about.
But I don't want to vent.  I can vent for days, and then I end up still feeling crappy about everything, but with nothing to show for it but an ugly face.  So in attempt to not vent, this is pretty much what has been going on with us lately:

Jobi and I are at odds with our finances.  Big surprise there, since we're at odds with pretty much everything.  Especially the computer and video games.  But I'm not gonna go there right now.

This week began (and ended) Attempt #3 at potty-training Almonds.  She loves sitting on the potty, just not when she has to. *sigh*

The GD (gestational diabetes) has been making me sick.  That plus massive back and pelvic pain equals a dirty house.  Hate.

Blondie had a fever earlier this week.  It only lasted a couple of days, but she still whines like she's sick and begs to be held every 15 minutes.  I swear this girl is gonna be trouble.

But today was different.  Today was a very refreshing change of pace.

Today Jobi took me to Pa'ia.

For those who know Oahu, Pa'ia is just like Haleiwa: small town, old town, crowded with tourists and hippie/surfers, and full of eateries that everyone raves about.  One such place I keep hearing is an organic pizza restaurant called The Flatbread Company.  I don't know why I wanted to go there since I'm not a big fan of flatbread pizza, but I brought it up with Jobi anyway, about a month ago.  Since he was off tonight, we went to try it out (along with his baby brother -- he's 21).

It wasn't the pizza that made it a great day; it was everything else around the pizza.  The open road drive up North Shore.  The incessant teasing and laughing of brothers at each other.  The Taylor Swift "Fearless" album in the van. (It's Jobi's ....... long story.)  The two other sets of hands to take the girls.  And, even more than their pizza, the brownie sundae (which I only took 2 bites of *sniff*).  It was a nice drive, with nice company, and nice music, and nice food.  And it was just what I needed to end this really frustrating week.

So thank you, Pa'ia, for settling my nerves.  And thank you, Flatbread, for a lovely time.

Oh, if you wanna know how much to expect to spend at Flatbread, this is the basic rundown of our meal:

3 16" pizzas
2 homemade juices
2 organic chocolate milks
1 Maui Brewing Co. root beer
1 brownie sundae

Our verdict:
A great touristy place.  I personally love that Flatbread supports local farming: every ingredient is locally grown or made.  Our favorite pizza has to be the one with pineapples and kalua pig (I forgot the names of the pizzas already).  If you have room in your belly (and wallet), get the brownie sundae, somewhere in the $7.00 area.  You won't be disappointed.  We enjoyed it, but we don't think we'll go back.  We felt like splurging today and trying as much as we could, and it was worth it, but just for today.  From now on, we'll probably just stick with Costco.  We are too poor to do otherwise. ;-)


  1. Sounds like a rough week but ended well! And $85?? Maybe I wouldn't love Hawaii as much as I imagine!

  2. Wow, that is a lotta dough to drop on an outing, but I think that sometimes you need to splurge like that to enjoy ONE day out of the year!!! We spent $30 making candy bars for the boys over Christmas break at Chocolate world. Expensive candy bars, but the memories will always remain.

  3. i LOVE this post, and I love reading posts like these. Vent all u want girl, it makes the rest of us know that our lives r normal too :) U r such a wonderful mom and I can see it through your posts especially how beautiful your two little daughters are!! not to mention I keep forgetting your on Maui. $85.00 for organic stuff on splurging sounds like a good deal to me hehe especially after a week of u needing it girl :)


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